Our story

It started one day

A small company experienced an great surge of stock price. What was the reason? As it turns out, the catalyst was an aggressive set of buy orders from a prominent ETF. These transactions caused an astounding 50% up within a matter of days and was continued next weeks.

Can we identify similar occurrences?

If you have data, Yes! Now, let's delve into the world of information and uncover its hidden potential. Traditionally, all details regarding transactions are available in 13F reports. However, it is inevitably too late to react if you wait until 13F publication. But we have this data for you today!

A lot of work!

We have built hundreds of data flows, that provide us this precious information. Welcome to the realm of big data! Imagine fund's portfolio state, that presents information of yesterday. By comparing snapshots from different days, we can discern what has changed!

This simple concept, but the execution presents its fair share of challenges.

The facts about our unique data are:
We have data about more than 700 funds! From the most significant, global capital groups! Representing and investing in a lot of lines of business and branches! Hundreds investment positions in every fund! Updated daily with 2 years of data! Representing and investing in a lot of lines of business and branches!

A lot of insights!

Now, this data is available to you!
Are you ready to seize this opportunity? Sign up today and gain access to invaluable insights that could shape your financial future. Who knows what maneuvers the sharks of the market will make next week? The market may catch up in the next quarter, but with our information, you'll be a leader tomorrow! Embrace the power of knowledge and become the leader you were destined to be. Sign up now and unlock the hidden value of the market.